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Something good in 2020

A year full of uniformity, uneventfulness and stagnation lies behind us. I have been thinking a lot about the good things I was busy with during the past few years before the pandemic hit the world.

Looking back at 2020 there were only a few remarkable things to remember and this post is about the best one.

My favourite museum the Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe (MK&G) was hosting an exhibition of Peter Lindberghs photographs during summer and autumn. The photographs where chosen and curated by Peter Lindbergh himself. Sadly he died a few weeks after the opening and so in hindsight one can say that it wasn’t only a retrospective on his longtime work but also his legacy to the audience.

Due to the corona situation I was hesitant to visit museums until I received a letter from the MK&G with an invitation for a private guided tour. When I went to New York in 2011 I learned that many of the museums are supported by private persons with a membership. After I got back home from NY, I became a supporter of the MK&G. Every now and then they offer private guided tours for their members in groups of 10 people and this one was definitely my event.

I signed up for this right away and got into the group so we were all alone with 10 supporters and the museums advisor on a Monday when all museums are closed to the public.

MK&G Lindbergh 1

 “arte es garantia de salud” …so true!

MK&G Lindbergh 2

It was phantastic to have the rooms and photographs almost to myself as we where allowed to walk around alone. It was by far the best museum moment of my life. Only one week after the event we got the next lockdown and everything except foodshops had to close again, museums included. It was also the closing week of this exhibition, so I was lucky in many ways.