Monthly Archives: May 2011

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

During the last few weeks I had so much fun outside taking pictures,  I totally forgot that I wanted a sort of archival storage of my favourite t-shirt design, which was my initial motivation to set up my own blog.

With weather changing, this idea returned to my mind and I continued to screen and iron my shirts for a foto. It is in fact a lot of work to do and will keep me busy on more rainy days in the future!



After a successful sailing day the weather changed unexpectedly on Sunday and brought some harsh winds and thunderstorms. Our trainer didn’t wanted us to go sailing and we where stuck ashore. For our consolation we had spectacular views and I was able to take my camera for a walk to Travemünde instead.


Seaside, let’s go!

Me and my best friend booked a crash course catsailing at the German shore of the baltic sea. We jumped into her car on a Friday afternoon and left town off to the shore. With a not too-bad-and-not-too-good weather forecast we arrived under the best-weather-ever blue skies at the seaside and met up with a friend for a walk on the beach and an icecream.

There is nothing such as good as holidays!