Monthly Archives: April 2011

Show me more

Happy Easter, some days off are always more than welcome. I got a bit piece and quiet and found some gallery plugins for wordpress. NextGEN was my favourite choice and after installation and some testings, I found myself busy “migrating” my Japan trip fotos from facebook to my own website!


past – present – future

Altona between Karstadt & Ikea.


The contruction site had old fotos of the area on the walls and I realized this was exactly the place only about 15 years ago. The high-rise in the background is in the picture, together with the bankrupt Karstadt departement store, which was demolished recently to make room for Ikea.

Changing perspectives

Fisheye effects are fun, big objects get a silly look. I feel tempted to shoot anything with fisheye and wonder how people will find their modified looks… While looking up my images I come to think I will need a gallery function for wordpress.


Hello World!

Okay, Blog. Why? Long story. With spring coming I decided to clear up my closet, get rid of old clothes and found some of my loved t-shirts not wearable any longer. It’s sad, I thought, why can’t they last forever? I was about to ditch them but I couldn’t. I decided to take pictures of the prints, got out my flat iron and my new camera which I just bought the week before. I wanted to share my pictures but decided not to post more pictures on facebook, instead I wanted to have my own blog.

…and now another week later: HELLO WORLD!