Catsailing, Take Two

After some adversities with our catamaran sailing trial at the baltic sea, my best friend and I wanted to try it out somewhere else – with great weather at it’s best this time.


With some research on the internet we found Stickl Sporthotel at the Lake Garda which looked just perfect for our plans and we asked our boyfriends to accompany us for holidays in Italy.


The location turned out to be a neat 2 star hotel in the hills above the bay just a short walk down to the boats.


All rooms had a balcony and most of them with a view on the lake, even the breakfast room was with a direct view on the lake.


The area was very natural and spacious like a park and not the typical touristic package although it also had a parking ground in the hills and a pool with a bar.


The whole atmosphere was very family like and not too commercialized.