Off to Sight-Seeing

After an enjoyable night with an excellent meal and drinks amongst friends we started not too early on Saturday for our ultimate sightseeing trip in Copenhagen.


We went through the city, visited the city hall, passed the court and went down the main shopping street Stromgarde with many well preserved beautiful old houses.


At Amalienborg we could see from the flying flag that the Queen was home. Guards where patrolling just like they where there for tourist pictures only.


In a side street we saw an open garage with someone maintaining the Queens cars.


When we walked over to the Marmorkirken we couldn’t go inside first as a wedding was happening. We waited for a couple of minutes but when we got into the church we saw it was worth waiting for this.


A complete round church nave with windows arranged in a circle creating a beautiful light.


At Nyhaven, right after the theatre we discovered special street art: A speakers corner.


As you can see above our friends speech was very convincing.


From Nyhaven we took a boattrip that brought us to the canals with many gorgeous houseboats.


Along the shore of the city we saw for example the Little Mermaid (witch a bunch of photographing tourists, of course…!) and the National Library commonly called the Black Diamond.


The final of our sightseeing trip brought us to Christiania. As people don’t want tourists to take photographs (also their sign at the entrance states “please no running, it causes panic”) I couldn’t shoot much, but the van with the crazy face seriously had to be documented!


View from a bridge to the Vor Frelsers Kirke with it’s famous corkscrew spire on our walk through Christiania, which looks like a big park at a lake. Unfortunately the church was closed already when we arrived, but next time I am in Copenhagen, I’ll surely be going up there.

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