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A couple of days ago I went to cinema with friends. It was already dark and we took their car. We passed the Lessingtunnel and while I looked out of the window, I saw a great picture on the wall that made me come back with my camera right on the next day.


I’d really like to put this beauty on my wall so if anyone has information on the original artist, please contact me!

New Year, Old Projects

The new year started with persistent drizzling rain – who knows for how long this will last. Taking a walk outside currently seems like a bad idea, so instead I took a look at all the unpublished pictures from the last year.


A couple of weeks ago I found James Bond sprayed on a wall in Hamburg. Right next to him a stunning lady, which at first sight I thought could be Angelina Jolie. But is the smudged color accidental or intended for a vampyric look?


Gone but not Forgotten

After the publisher group of the German newsmagazine DER SPIEGEL had moved to another, bigger building in the Hafencity this year, a big part of their famous canteen is now open to the public at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe.

The canteen used to be under historical preservation protection for its iconic interior design created by Verner Panton in 1969.



Whilst DER SPIEGEL stated that the old canteen is an important part of the publishers history and components of their original canteen had been transferred to their new building for the design of a snackbar, a large amount of single components have been built up in detail work in an allocated room of the museum.

Fans of Pop Culture should pay this classy furniture a visit!