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NYC Day 3 – Fort Greene

We woke up at an appropriate New York time and decided to have a walk in Brooklyn to explore our neighbourhood. It was still warm, but cloudy and the weather report predicted rain in the late afternoon. Very typical for New York is the green gardening, usually neighbours from the block create a small park on untiled ground with a fence to close it for the nights and reopen it to public during daytime.

parkslope2The night before, I found a local shop on Continue reading

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

During the last few weeks I had so much fun outside taking pictures,  I totally forgot that I wanted a sort of archival storage of my favourite t-shirt design, which was my initial motivation to set up my own blog.

With weather changing, this idea returned to my mind and I continued to screen and iron my shirts for a foto. It is in fact a lot of work to do and will keep me busy on more rainy days in the future!


Hello World!

Okay, Blog. Why? Long story. With spring coming I decided to clear up my closet, get rid of old clothes and found some of my loved t-shirts not wearable any longer. It’s sad, I thought, why can’t they last forever? I was about to ditch them but I couldn’t. I decided to take pictures of the prints, got out my flat iron and my new camera which I just bought the week before. I wanted to share my pictures but decided not to post more pictures on facebook, instead I wanted to have my own blog.

…and now another week later: HELLO WORLD!