Catamaran vs. Camera

After a day off from my course, I came to the conclusion that I was too busy with my exciting photographic projects and wanted to stick with it and spend my free time on.

catsailing_1I talked with our sailing instructor and joined him in the inflatable motorboat. I wasn’t sure about the amount of splash water that could hit my precious new Nikon, so I took the small Ixus because I had a waterkit for it.

catsailing_7 While looking at Mount Baldo from the lakeside, I realized the long way we had walked the day before on the mountaintop.

catsailing_8The sailors got a specific headset and a walkie-talkie in the back bags of their life vest, so they could sail on their own, guided by their trainer via radio communication.

catsailing_5It was a very effective way for them to learn and a good chance for me to follow them on the water and play around with camera effects.