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A Long Summer Weekend III

After a rest on sunday (way too much sun at once…) I needed another weekend short trip so I was off to the shore on Monday.

web-0139The horizon was blocked with boats.

web-0168Everyone else was at the beach, just as if this was the last summer day of the year.

web-0200-2We where lucky and got a Strandkorb (hooded beach seat) because someone had just returned the key to the owner so we could rent one and relax at the beach in the shade.  Simply a perfect chillout!


A Long Summer Weekend II

Saturday: So I still had that VIP wristband for the festival on and the weather wasn’t worse either  – I had to head into the harbour again and take all the travel routes for the festival audience.


Apparently I wasn’t the only one with a camera, these blokes however where collecting material for a report on local telly about the whole event.

web-0075-2One of the locations was a very small stage in a historical depository which is a museum nowadays. The shelvings with the exhibits on the sides where roped off with some red-white plastic band and a couple of chairs where stood in front of the stage. It was a very memorable location and I found the atmosphere there pretty cool.

web-0074Outside, I found this odd moveable ticket box, which wasn’t in operation.

web-0087I moved on to the next location and on my way to the main stages a the Blohm & Voss Shipyeard, I saw this cute and peaceful still art.

web-0100Traffic was quite busy! These ships where carrying the concert audience to the different stages.