Small Discoveries

Recently I found that I move too little and sit too much. As of now I will be walking on foot in the morning, if the weather allows me to.

Right on the first morning I started doing that, I felt reconnected with an interesting topic from my former post about Urban Street Art. If you walk, you see so much more than you do when you move in a vehicle.

First it was a cat that crossed my way (or rather a marten?) made from a newspaper I could even read when standing close enough. A story about a popband called Tokio Hotel made we wonder if the picture was related to its background in any way.

But right around the corner I found the next one with a clear message that inevitably made me smile.


Apparently I was at the right place at the right time – these pictures don’t last long and you have to be on time to capture them in a good condition.

The next great piece of art was about ten minutes walk away on a pillar of a railway.


Hard to notice, if you drive in your car at allowed 50 kmh in the city. With a zoom across the street and a closer view I realized I had found another exhibit of the artist who created the hand in this picture of my earlier post.

pinup2I hope I will see more works of art soon!

But as picures fade, some messages will last for long.


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