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Summer Exhibition 2012

A friend recommended to visit the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition (/wave Pixie), “the worlds largest open submission contemporary art show” as it is called on the website.  With the £10.00 ticket I received a small, yet 248 pages strong catalogue without pictures.

Unlike usual exhibitions with only one or two pictures on each wall, the rooms where full of artwork – in fact 1,474 exhibits in total, including sculptures. The remarkable thing about the Summer Exhibiton is that visitors can buy any of the pieces, unless they are already sold to someone else.


When I took my camera out of the bag, I unfortunately didn’t notice at first that focus mode and vibration reduction where switched off. I made some fuzzy pics before I corrected the mistake but I could only take one more sharp picture before a museum attendant made a gesture into my direction, to let me know that photographs weren’t wanted. Too bad…


Catalogue Entry:

acrylic on wood
Vanessa Whitehouse

The red dot was the sign for “Sold” – it pays to come early.


Horizon Field Hamburg

deichtorhallenA couple of weeks ago I read about a new exhibition in the Deichtorhallen – one of Hamburgs many Museums – which sounded very interesting to me. Surprisingly it was also announced to be free of charge as it was an elaborately staged installation.

horizon_field_hamburg_1The British artist Antony Gormley came up with the idea of a platform hanging from the ceiling of the exhibition hall. It was accessable for visitors via steel framework stairs from which people had to Continue reading