NYC Day 6 – Metropolitan Museum of Art

We had a late start due to our recent tours. It was already past midday, when we finally got up and went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

metmainentranceWhile walking towards the main entrance we heard an elder lady talking to her friend to bypass the queue by taking the side entrance – we followed them and got immediate access.

griechenIf you want to see everything, you’ll need more than half a day to explore. This museum has not only many rooms but huge halls to create a fitting atmosphere for each era and it is unbelieveably much to see.

inderSmall objects.

tiffanyNot so small objects.

suedstaatenEntire houses.

stubeWith complete rooms.

jugendstilAnd what didn’t fit elsewhere, fit in the glass cabinets.

I could post more fotos but you should go and see the Met yourself!