NYC Day 7 – Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building

After a couple of days we almost felt like a real Brooklynite and it was time for us to finally cross that  bridge.

brooklynheightsStarting in Brooklyn, of course!

bridgewaysToo many good foto opportunities.

bridge5Much traffic either way.

fisheyedowntownBridge under construction.

fotografinI have never been asked to take pictures of people with their camera more often than in New York!

bridgeminiaturAnd of course I had to play around with the features of my own camera.

wellenturmIt must have been one hour later until we finally arrived on the other side in Manhattan, just because we stopped every five minutes to have a look and take a picture. Jeez tourists…

Until evening, it was much walking around without many pictures. We went to B+H which I can really recommend to ANY photography enthusiast, as they carry almost everything you wish for photography. Bare in mind though, they are closed on Saturdays and if you ever go there, you’ll know why.^^ We also went to Risotteria for lunch – a second time already – and this time I tasted the gluten-free pizza: yummy!

newyorkerWalking, walking and more walking, I saw so many people in sneakers, get yours on when you’re in Manhattan, it really pays off.

esbqueueWhen the sun goes down and the view is good, what would you do? Visiting the Empire State Building is what apparently everyone thought. During one and a half hours of waiting I forgot to take pictures and got one from J. that shows just a part of the reality with a few people.

esbview4But even with so many people on the deck it was worth waiting to see this view.

esbminiatur1With some persistence you’ll get a free spot of your own on top of the city.

esbview3And some famous views.