MK&G Stylectrical

My new Years’s pledge after the New York trip was to go to museums more often so I went to my favourite one in my hometown, the MK&G to see the current exhibition “Stylectrical”.


tompertmacbookgunThe best exhibits where the pictures of destroyed Apple products created by Michael Tompert. Plenty more fotos of ruined Apple products where shown, phones, mp3 players and tablets – I picked the two I liked the most to promote his art here. Please let me know if any of those are available as posters, I’d really like to get one.


tompertmacbooktorchThe exhibit had a large collection of different technical items and hardware but also furniture. The design of the exposed Apple products retrospectively look very flavour-of-the-month-ish to me whereas a Vitra Charles Eames Chair is still what it always was – timeless design.

sonywalkmanI was reliving an emotional moment with my first walkman. My dad gave it to me when I was a kid after he bought a newer one. Exciting!


Some displayed childhood dreams that will always cause positive nostalgia with a real cool retro look and lots of memories.

A nice trip through the past decades for technology enthusiasts.