NYC Day 10 – Breakfast in Brooklyn

So what to do on the last day of your stay, when you have to leave around midday?

pancakeHaving the best breakfast as possible! Eating the tasty not only gluten-free but also vegan pancakes at Sun in Bloom was simply a great idea for wasting our remaining time in Brooklyn – I won’t be having something as good as this again soon.

appartementOur landlord offered us to stay longer than the usual check-out time at 10:00, so we had plenty of time to pack our luggage and tidy up our appartement a bit.

corridorThe last day always feels a bit weird: Either you have forgotten to do something specific and too little time to do it last minute or you have done everything you wanted and are waiting for the time to leave. Either way, there is always this gap of time until you are finally closing the door behind you.

bklnmapThis journey was over, I really enjoyed it. Goodbye for now, I am sure we’ll be back!